Beauty Domestication

Ziru Wang

For a long time, we have lived in a world controlled by surveillance capitalism, and its external mechanisms are cunning. In order to bridge all your gender consciousness and personal identity, it is constantly changing.

Due to the enormity of this mechanism, people have become increasingly desensitized to the harm it inflicts upon themselves. Within this context, women are one of the groups most severely affected by such a massive mechanism. This project approaches the issue of the aesthetic hijacking of women in the present moment from the perspective of surveillance capitalism. Through speculative, critical, and radical design, it presents the notion of "what if beauty for women requires suffering as a cost?". The more pain endured, the greater the potential for beauty.

Through critical and speculative products, I aim to raise awareness and foster dialogue about beauty standards in the digital age. The terrifying aspects of women's beauty measures are magnified by creating items that emphasise and dramatise this process. The goal is to enhance women's awareness and vigilance regarding the interference of external monitoring capital on personal consciousness.

Instagram: @one_zero00o
Email: ziru08@outlook.com


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