The Sun Reads

Zhaowei Wang

My project delves into the intricate relationship between tarot and unknown physics through "The Sun Reads," an immersive exploration of self. Participants engage with lumen prints, capturing personal energy and sunlight's transformative power, as tangible tarot cards.

"The Sun Reads" bridges the physical and spiritual realms, intertwining tarot symbolism with the physicality of sunlight. It invites individuals to actively participate, creating lumen prints infused with their energy and the radiance of the sun. This unique system unlocks new perspectives and deeper understandings.

Drawing from ancient divination practices and the enigmatic frontiers of physics, "The Sun Reads" transcends boundaries. It prompts contemplation on the interplay between the seen and unseen, the known and unknown. Through this transformative journey, individuals expand their self-understanding and grasp the interconnectedness of tarot and physics.

Witness the intertwining dance of tarot and physics, as the ethereal meets the material. Through "The Sun Reads," we are beckoned to explore the depths of our being, uncover hidden truths, and traverse the mysteries that bind us to the universe. Immerse yourself in this artistic tapestry, where the magic of lumen prints and the enigma of tarot merge, inviting us to ponder our place in the cosmic symphony.

Instagram: @yikayo_zhaowei
Email: yikayo16@gmail.com


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