Yuming Xu

Do you believe that the loud noise of fireworks can ward off bad luck?

Do you believe that fireworks can be replaced by other forms?

What do you think the future of sustainable traditional festival rituals will look like?

How can technology, superstition and rituals form a good balance in the future of the festival?

Fireworks have been banned in 138 cities in China due to environmental pollution and social safety concerns, however, ritualistic acts such as fireworks have been practiced since the Han dynasty as it is believed that the loud sound can be used to ward off demons and bring good luck for the new year.

In this project, the designer wants to challenge social norms, and government policies, revive this traditional ritual and superstition and recreate the cultural meaning of the fireworks by using a kind of eco- and sustainable way, performance.

In this performance, the fireworks are revived through a dance performance using designed props and a contact mic to amplify the sound.

A ritual of the future.

Email: yxu006@gold.ac.uk


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