Yufei Liu

This project was designed to provide a venue and environment for women in families to discuss fertility policies and exchange their views and ideas. In China, it is not easy to have a forum to oppose policies already in place, and this project is an opportunity for a new generation of women to express their attitudes toward fertility policies. In addition, this project is a reflection of women's fertility choices and experiences in different contexts, and ceramics are a vehicle and a record that will be preserved forever for future generations, providing a more authentic reference for future generations who want to understand the history and culture of their families.

It’s taking place in a female family tea party with a family-fertility theme, with tableware designed to lead family members through a conversation about their own childbirth experiences and plans. In Chinese society, subtle expression is an essential feature of communication between people, even family members, who would not let out their emotions without the opportunity to do so. I use tableware as a way to reflect on three generations of women’s childbirth and raise experiences that will give practical ceramics a cultural connotation beyond their practical use.

Email: yliu032@gold.ac.uk


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