“Things my grandmother didn't leave me”

Yuanming (Krystal) Song

My parents divorced when I was three years old, so I was raised by my grandmother. But in 2017 she got cancer and passed away in just five months. The cremation in our culture is different, except burning the body of the deceased, we also need to burn all their belongings, and everything related to them.

There are two classic lines in the Disney movie COCO:

The real death is that no one in the world remembers you.
The opposite of life is not death, but forgetting.

After the cremation, the only thing I got were DREAMS in which she is still present. The MEMORY in my brain, and the thousands of PHOTOS she took for me. While others have the relics of their loved ones, where they can feel flashbacks while touching them, at that moment, at that second, it feels like going back to that time. However, I can only use my  imagination. This makes me gradually forget my grandmother and I fear that one day I won’t remember her. Therefore, my whole project will revolve around these three points, allowing me to have flashbacks of that moment through different methods.

Email: ysong006@gold.ac.uk


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