Seaweed Appreciation Project

Yichen Liao

A design project that thinks about how to appreciate and worship a thing we are not very familiar with – seaweed.

How do we manage to endure the aggression and demise we cause?

This project explores the possibility of rebuilding appreciation and worship of an unfamiliar, grossly undervalued, and destroyed creature: seaweed. Through the investigation and reconstruction of the history of seaweed application, the analysis of animal and character worship, and the wonderful echoes between China's 24 solar terms and seaweed, etc. This project aims to investigate ways human beings can rationally apply design to the learning, imitation, and inheritance of seaweeds in ruins, evaluating design as a tool for thinking and long-term solutions and harmonious coexistence. Under the apocalypse to ways human beings cooperate and learn from seaweed, conjectures and scenarios were proposed for learning from seaweed and achieving coexistence in the future.

Email: sarahliao319@gmail.com


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