Yeji Kim

We all have those who make us truly be ourselves and aid us in discovering meaning, beauty, and wonder in our life, such as family, partners, and friends. Yet, ironically, once we have been in those close relationships, it becomes easy to expect everything magically to work out without effort, almost feeling complacent about the relationships. However, continuous efforts to understand and appreciations to one another are even more important in these relationships. We must put time and effort in order to grow and cultivate such beautiful connections. At times, Stuck settings, such as long drive journeys or family dinners, somehow encouraged us to open up and start conversations trying to understand our differences.

Stuck is a mechanical clockwork device designed to measure the degree of emotional connection and bond between people. It will act as a tool to encourage people to have conversations and better understand one another through a unique experience of physically being connected and stuck together.

Email: yejikim0326@gmail.com


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