Ye Zhang (Lily)

This is a series of creative explorations centred around the significance of carpets and their connection to the nomadic lifestyle. Drawing inspiration from my personal experiences of moving homes frequently with my parents, I became fascinated by the role of carpets as objects of comfort and familiarity. This led me to look into the traditions of the Uyghur and Kazak people, discovering the intricate artistry and cultural symbolism woven into their carpets.

As I deepened my research, I uncovered the nomadic way of life, characterised by its mobility and spiritual reverence for the land and nature. Contrasting this with the agricultural society I was accustomed to, I realised the differences in their relationship with the environment. The agricultural system promised control over nature but often resulted in the overuse of land resources, leading to a disconnect from the natural world.Motivated to raise awareness and bridge the gap between these distinct lifestyles, I turned to satellite landscapes and maps to comprehend the impact of human activities on the land. This exploration inspired me to create a series of rugs, where each design represents human mobility, cultural traditions, and the consequences of our actions on the planet.

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