NO.2 Naturalia

Yawen Chen

From the moment mankind announced its farewell to the Earth, plants were the "out-of-control player" on the planet, remaining there by virtue of its simple but efficient survival conditions. On the countless traces of human life on Earth, the remains of man-made objects and new nature form a landscape full of the disorder and primitive flavour of a post-apocalyptic civilization.

Hundreds of years after the catastrophe, AI has to learn about the world afresh.

In their memory store, all these things no longer exist because nature has evolved. Nature has carried on and now they are going out. AI probes are going out, trying to survey the world and environment.

In the relationship between nature, humans, and AI. Nature creates humans, and humans create AI. Humans are set aside as an object, and the AI is the first view of the broken post catastrophic event after the disappearance of humans.

If a tree falls in a forest with nobody distinct, will there be any noise?

This project aims to make people value their attitude towards nature and regain their reverence for nature through this alternative AI perspective.

Instagram: @no.2naturalia
Email: ychen070@gold.ac.uk


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