The Becoming Meal

Ya Lucia Kang

‘The Becoming Meal’ explores the fluidity of ethnicity. The confusion of being too Chinese in Canada and too Canadian in the UK sparks the idea that ethnicity is malleable and inventable. The method of changing one’s ethnicity explored in ‘The Becoming Meal’ is the consumption of food. Food is a part of the material culture of an ethnicity. The more food we intake, the more cultural information we will learn. As these bits accumulate, we become more of the other ethnicity. ‘The Becoming Meal’ invites the audience to have inspiring conversations around ethnicity through a food workshop. The workshop is composed of various interactive activities. Participants will take a sensory journey based on Chineseness and Chinese culture investigating their ethnic identity and its future possibilities.

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Website: https://linktr.ee/yaluciakang
Email: 0479ky@gmail.com


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