For the memory of oblivion

Xinyi Zhang

After I lost my beloved cat, Bobby, experiencing the loss of a close being for the first time was so traumatic that I was devastated and had a tough time accepting his loss. I was overwhelmed and did not know how I could ease my grief. Since pet death is not taken seriously by society, we do not get enough understanding. While there are pet funerals or other forms of memorials on the market nowadays, there are very few options that can comfort pet owners in their daily lives in a more thoughtful and humane way. Therefore, I decided to create new ways to help myself and others who suffer from pet loss by encouraging them to have a continuous relationship with their pets even if they died, the grief would become more peaceful and positive by making room for it. I also hope to raise awareness about the demand for grief relief and pet remembrance in society and drive advancements in related fields.

Email: xzhan022@gmail.com


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