Street View

Xiaohua (Laura) Liu

Is the world we see and the knowledge we gain real, or is it what others want us to think? Can we escape the effect of our worldview by man-made factors? Can we form our own opinions about the world? We are our gods in terms of governing what we view. My approach to transforming useful tools into useless ornaments reflects a synthesis of Surrealist techniques, Frankfurt School critique, and an engagement with ‘Aesthetic Theory’. By stimulating viewers' perception and challenging their assumptions, my installation encourage deeper reflection and offer an opportunity for interactive experiences

To accomplish this, I would queer what I observed by incorporating slit-scan aesthetic and reframing signposts into cuboids. I want others to have that same experience. I plan to use signposts as a focal point for enlightening a broader audience on the gradual domestication of human perception.

I use interaction to provide a more immersive experience of what I think. The wrist controls the kind of deformation, the fingers control the colour and degree of distortion of the signage, and the hand controls the location. I seek to reduce the power of instrumental rationality in modern culture and to promote critical awareness in everyone.

Instagram: @shippppper
Email: lauraliu1110@outlook.com


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