Perfect me

Violet Wang

Societal expectations have a profound influence on women, shaping their behaviour, appearance, and roles. These expectations permeate various aspects of women's lives, from personal relationships to professional pursuits. However, it is essential to challenge and redefine these expectations, granting women the freedom to explore their individuality, aspirations, and choices. This project aims to examine the changing psychology of women as they navigate the transition of roles and choices in their family lives, using my own family as inspiration.

Society often places burdensome expectations on women regarding motherhood and family life. Women are often expected to prioritize their role as mothers, which can overshadow their aspirations and ambitions. Growing up, I witnessed the overlap between social expectations and my family's lifestyle. From a young age, I was told that pregnancy is a necessary accomplishment for a woman and that finding a good husband and prioritizing family is paramount. Following this path, I felt confused and fearful when faced with life's choices. Should I sacrifice myself, like my mother did, to keep my family together? Stereotypes surrounding pregnancy and motherhood can marginalize women, confining them to traditional gender roles and undermining their diverse skills, talents, and aspirations beyond caregiving.


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