Rural Butterfly City-Integration Guide

Tongzheng Chu

This project speculates on the future based on the evolutionary adaptation and diversity of organisms. It explores how living organisms adapt their habits when migrating from natural environments to human cities. It is presented as a fictional advertising company, which would use a unique technique to trademark the recognizable pattern of butterfly wings for advertising. I’ve created an absurd scenario where butterflies are selectively bred through human intervention to establish complete habitat ecologies aligned with client brands' commercial lines or offline shops. This project serves as a vivid stage, showcasing human-driven transformations in butterflies' lifestyles driven by self-interest. By magnifying reality through the perspective of the company as humans and butterflies as creatures, it provokes thought and reflection. While the butterflies are compelled to adapt once again, they also benefit from the relationship with humans.

This speculative prediction aims to provoke thoughts and ideas about redefining the relationship between nature and humans. Through the presentation of butterfly advertising examples, we encourage the audience to contemplate the ecological changes and evolution influenced by human intervention.


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