Homegrown: A project on urban Gardening

Tom Heap

This project is a response to the desire to grow and a rejection of the current options on the market. I created a range of plant pots to grow plants using hydroponics to give people an alternative method of growing plants in the home. I am concerned with growing environmental issues in the city surrounding our consumption of food. If we can come up with more solutions for gardening at home we can reduce these effects. I wanted to create something with more meaning and that could educate the consumer on a deeper level than the current options on the market. The product is for people who want a solution to growing at home and something with more meaning, something that would make the user feel more connected with the world around them. This project would hopefully change the perceptions on what is possible with gardening in a city and make the use of hydroponics more accessible. Also with this project people should be encouraged to do more experimenting and research around the practice of gardening in the city.

Instagram: @tomheap_art


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