Soon, we will again be us

Therese Mastek

The plastic matter is flooding the biosphere and has entered the human body and all bodies of the world to an extent that is hard to ignore.

In ‘Soon, we will again be us’ the differentiation of self and other, object and subject is questioned as the evolving merger of flesh and plastic seems inevitable and is undeniably linked to consumerism and the anthropocentric ways of sculpting the world. ‘Soon, we will again be us’ is set in a cyclical narrative within the world as a closed circuit - everything that is always was, and ultimately contains what we both produce, consume and devour, intentionally or not.

Inspired by the theory of The Abject and Posthuman discourse the work aims to confront the notion of what is even natural anymore.

What are we becoming, how do we respond to this development of the notion of the human, and is this transformation something that we secretly long for?

Using the iconic figure of Barbie and investigating the bonds that we form with objects, it asks if perhaps we are more alike than we care to admit. Just like the traces from the plastic bags and straws that we leave around, Barbie will also stay. Within us and long after we have gone to become something else.

Instagram: @rmg_3000
Website: theresemastek.dk
Email: theresemastek@gmail.com


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