Tara Ferguson

‘Deep Dive for Empathy’ aims to bridge the gap between our world and the oceans amidst the ongoing environmental crisis. By delving into the interconnectedness of ecosystems, I advocate for a design-driven approach to reconnecting with them. A particular focus lies on the profound impact endured by coral reefs and the dependent marine life. Through my project, I strive to raise awareness about these pressing issues. Exploring viable solutions within my scope, I examine the potential of home aquariums as a means to unite our two realms. By displaying fish in carefully curated environments featuring tailored lighting, backdrops, and decor, I emphasize the profound influence of aesthetics on our perception of objects, systems, and worlds. Employing principles of biomimicry and more than human design, I consider the needs of both fish and humans in crafting structures like the Hydra Hubs. Serving as decorative elements, planters, and shelters, these hubs promote a familiar environment that reduces stress for the fish.

Ultimately, my goal is to illuminate the interconnectedness of our worlds and instil in people a sense of empathy and bond with marine life, thus fostering a commitment to its protection.

Instagram: @lazy_t_stu
Website: lazytstu.cargo.site
Email: tferg001@gold.ac.uk


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