The Insensible Water Fountain

Stephanie Pyburn

[“Insensible” describes the immeasurable and unperceivable bodily waters lost in the human body, i.e. through the respiratory tract and diffusion at the skin.]

This project denies the myth that human bodies are discrete, sealed-off subjects through a showcasing of their leaky, watery materiality. The Insensible Water Fountain invites participants to exchange and extend bodies through Galvanic Skin Response (GSR), referring to levels of “emotional arousal” through electrodermal changes at the skin surface. A reading is taken from two fingertips, and in turn, releases new waters to be consumed, shared, and embodied by another.

Boundaries of “inside” and “outside”, “subject” and “object, “self” and “world” become obscured in this externalised animation of our “inner” visceral realm. The human body is forever overlapping with its environment, both in its emotional and material capacities whereby the world passes through.

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Email: stephpyburn1@gmail.com


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