C3 Trains

Stefano Stavrou

My project concept is to focus on public spaces on trains. There are three different categories of train communities; the elderly, children and people who want to have some privacy. The aim is to improve the current design of the space in each train. It is important for people who want to have some privacy,  space and want to feel safer. I research how personal space can be affected during travel, how personal space relates to gender, and finally reflect on the individual feelings of train travellers. For example, I want to study the design of trains and see how they can be made more gender-neutral.

I believe that the measurements are important because this helps to identify how much personal space a person should have to prevent from another person getting too close to them. Otherwise, people may feel discomfort if a person steps into the personal space of the other. During my project, I always check the measurements to make sure that people have their space in the train carriages.

I have decided to put each title for each train carriage such as adventure carriage, liberty carriage, and deluxe carriage. This demonstrates that it has been transformed and includes better outcomes for my project.

Instagram: @stavroustefano
Email: stavroustefano@gmail.com


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