What If We Are

Sohyun Lim

In the way of communication, there have been many cases where a minority is forced to communicate in the way of the majority.

For example, people who use braille or sign language have to follow the majority of communication methods using tools and devices.

What if we could change the situation and learn how to speak the space and the objects that people encounter daily in Sign Language?

My project aims to make people more and more interested in BSL, starting with getting used to simple words or expressions. This project aims to show each action when people scan a space or object that we see daily through AR, which allows people to see and learn through animation.

Rather than forcing someone to follow the situation of the majority, is it possible to create a better position by changing the majority's perception and promoting change?

I hope it will be a situation that can be recognised as a matter of course, not something that needs to be changed and fixed.

Email: slim002@gold.ac.uk


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