Dump and Dumper

Seungbum Ha (John)

The construction market is culturally strong in trust, so the problems of hierarchical culture, workplace complaints, and illegal subcontracting have become an intractable problem.

In order to solve this, I thought that we should look for a moderate way to tackle it rather than enforcing it by law.

Therefore, it is necessary to establish a better brokerage system to improve the deep-rooted illegal subcontracting problem.

My service is designed for dump truck drivers in the civil engineering market.

This service is for dump drivers who are not treated equally due to the closed culture of the Korean civil engineering market. They often do not get paid fairly due to the closedness of information, and they cannot earn income without existing brokerage companies. I propose a more realistic and practical solution to these problems. By providing dump drivers with an app service that allows them to find work more flexibly without a broker, it can slowly change the vertical culture of information and work to one of equality.

It is a fair example for the construction industry and aims to gradually solve the problem of illegal subcontracting, which has been unresolved for over 30 years. This project is a UI design for the service.

Email: aksghk3140@naver.com


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