Commodification of Breast Milk

Sayuri Okazaki

This project critically embodies an idea of the commodification of breast milk, as a branded service design. This fictional brand is proposed to valorise mothers' milk, and the graphics' aesthetic works to justify its concept.

The monetary transaction of breast milk is occurring online between individuals, and this hidden side of motherhood reflects the massive topics rather than mere shocking facts - Mothers' poverty, bodily autonomy and the lost sacredness of the human body. What do you think about mothers selling their breast milk for money rather than sharing it as a donation?

Referring to the 'caring economy' idea, breastfeeding can be seen as unpaid work. Thus, getting money from selling breast milk could be one way of compensating for producing it. However, what would the mothers delivering breast milk think about the idea? Through conducting interviews with them, I explored what is a social compromise between the ethical and cultural taboos of commercialising breast milk. Untangling such complexities led me to design a system in which breast milk is commodified and consumed by people who don't have children but want to support parenting.

Instagram: @@sayuri_okazaki69
Website: https://sayuriokazaki.myportfolio.com/
Email: okazakisayuri699@gmail.com


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