Qiyang Yu

HALO is an innovative design project aiming to challenge and redefine the fashion industry. Inspired by the intersecting elements of fashion and religion, this project seeks to transform ordinary objects into unique displays of luxury. Through our specially designed device, whenever you place an ordinary item onto it, it undergoes apotheosis, becoming something extraordinary.

The cornerstone of HALO lies in conducting design experiments that alter the presentation of common items, simultaneously challenging societal preconceptions and adjusting the value attributed to these objects.

The objective of HALO is to prompt individuals to reevaluate and appreciate everyday items, stimulating reflection on the over-deification of brands and designers within the fashion industry. This concept is realised in the creation of a brand, HALO Studios, dedicated to maintaining these principles.

Recognising design as a form of social responsibility, HALO aims to influence a healthier evolution of the fashion industry. With the potential for limitless exploration in design, the project envisages shaping a better future for those resonating with this philosophy. The aspiration is to imbue every facet of the fashion industry with its own radiance, enabling them to shine like angels.

Instagram: @Leoyu029


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