Home away from home

Panka Fürjes

A project about homemaking happening in our kitchens.

It all started when I was standing in my kitchen in London and staring at the mug, I brought with me from Hungary. I wondered how it is possible for one object to make me feel so much at home in another place. I started interviewing my friends, about their own home-making process and asking what’s home for them.

We had long conversations, whether in a pub or in our kitchen in London, about what it means to be at home or belong somewhere and how certain objects can have an impact on our sense of home. But as I learnt from my research method, the feeling of home often comes from memories, smells, or everyday acts like dining together with your family in your kitchen.

My aim was to design and make tools, in this case kitchen accessories that can be involved in my friends’ homemaking process. I simply wanted to illustrate with the ceramics I made what home means to my friends whether it is a common eating, the sounds of birds or just having a coffee with their mum in the back garden. All the illustrations are personalised for each person I worked with. 

Panka Fürjes

Instagram: @pank.a.rt
Website: https://furjespanka.myportfolio.com
Email: panekosz@gmail.com


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