The Misremembering Materialiser Archive (MMA)

Oli Roper

The Misremembering Materialiser Archive (MMA) operates at the intersection of fiction and memory, investigating individuals’ perceptions of the material world through the construction of objects from spatial misrememberings.

As we wander through our shared environments, we are reminded that our material environment is radically different from our perceived memory of it . . .

‘I could have sworn a . . . was there?’

‘No, never.’


At the MMA, we are collecting, building and archiving this moment of abnormality by making crowd-sourced fictional memory blips. Speculating on the role that these semi-fictitious objects play in our relationship with our environment and also celebrating the unique process and story.

Through exploring cracks within hegemonic memory, the MMA centres the viewpoint that our perception of environments is unique. Influenced by time, dreams and stories, our mind creates a patchworked layered quilt of memory, from which blips in reality emerge. The MMA threads these layers of reality together by investigating and constructing individuals' misremembering in a process of (anti-)sensemaking.


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