Where is the Bigfoot?

MengTing Ruan (Stella)

Good quality data used in the right way can change lives - Garment Worker Diary.

How can design and data visualization facilitate presenting data of underrepresented and under researched groups with intention to raise awareness about wider issues?

The outcome of this project is a collection of manuals featuring humorous and ironic exploration using metrics of daily life and spaces with the intention to help users understand data and information on complex systems. “Where is the Bigfoot?” and “Foot fetish” presents the first two editions, uncovering the unethical practices in the apparel industry and how consumer behavior plays a part in the process.

By translating daily habits to another currency (water use, carbon emissions, sweatshop labor), data visualization gives us an alternative way of looking at information and in return also makes us reassess our current lifestyles and how that contributes to these figures.

Through the practice of model-making, objects become a vessel/prop for activism and storytelling. With a more-than-human approach, these manuals become a tool to make the impacts of unethical practices visible to the world in a bite-size, digestible way. In the meantime, hoping to reshape and drive users to a more ethical and sustainable direction.

Website: Stellaruan.cargo.site
Email: stellaxruan@gmail.com


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