Dogmas, Disobedience & Disbelief

Megan Lim

‘Dogmas, Disobedience & Disbelief’ consists of 4 acts which encapsulates the appropriation and degradation of religious figures and objects through mass reproduction.

Act 1: Disappearance through reproduction.

Act 2: Disappearance through consumption.

Act 3: Disappearance through use.

Act 4: Disappearance through abstraction.

Through exploring culture, rituals and religion through materiality, I am subjected to the polarity of the act – of carefulness and carelessness, of belief and disbelief, of reverence and blasphemy. The image of a Buddha is instantly identifiable yet glossed over by most. The prolific figure evokes strong associations with ideas of religion yet none at all, due to its widespread appropriation in spaces and situations.

The three renditions of Buddhas used – The Goddess of Mercy/Guan Yin, The Laughing Buddha, and the original Buddha – best encapsulate the ‘inconsistencies’ and specificities of Chinese religion: a combination of practices and beliefs between Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism. In the attempts at breaking free from religion, we realise the impossibility of a division in Chinese culture and religion.

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