Appreciation for Darkness

Mathilda Schmidt

In a society with an ever-growing reliance on illumination, where the need for light seems to multiply exponentially, immerse yourself in a world where shadows come to life. Captivating your senses and evoking a deep appreciation for the beauty of darkness. This project seeks to explore the emotional connection we can create with darkness by delving into shadows as markers of social interactions. Doing this we embark on a mesmerizing journey through time, unraveling the complexity of human connection with its environment.

A method that records shadows, capturing their essence and infusing them with specific moments and unique information created within social activities. These transformed shadows paint a vivid portrait of our collective experiences. An approach that enhances shadows to have a stronger value to people, informing us with more than just the presence of an object.

Shadows are more than just fleeting companions in our daily lives; they embody the overlooked elements that shape our perception of the world. Their absence from our field of vision, intangible nature, immateriality, and temporal sensitivity contribute to their lack of attention. However, by fostering an emotional connection with shadows and endowing them with attributes such as permanence and materiality, we are provided with a compelling reason to engage with them on a profound level. This enhancement might help us pay more attention to them.


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