Remodelling the identity of
Classical architecture.

Manil Rai

Serious? Authoritative? Perhaps maybe even right-wing? Why is this iconic and timeless style only being used for government-focused architecture implying connotations of intimidating values when there is so much overlooked beauty to it? They may be just a few columns and pediments but just through this basic building philosophy of posts and lintels being used comes the creation of one of the most recognisable aesthetics. In recent times however it can be seen that style is continuously falling into the rhetoric of trying to display feelings of ‘power’ and old traditions. A key example can be seen through Donald Trump’s past executive order to restrict the creation of federal buildings only using the classical theme. Actions such as this are heavily skewing our perception of this beautiful style when we restrict it to one value. The aim of this project is to counter this limitation by utilising the aesthetic of Classical architecture into any form of building, attempting to emphasise its elegance and intricate details. Whether it be a hotel, attraction site, or a library. Do we perceive the classical style to be intimidating purely from its aesthetic or its narrative? Plus, I like cardboard.

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