Big Winky

Liberty Leatherbarrow-Stokes

My project explores the relationship that women have with manipulating their appearance to uphold the extreme pressures of the male gaze and beauty standard, to the point of debilitating and paralysing themselves in the process.

In each of my three makeup and matching garments looks, I have focussed on different societal pressures that stem from the male gaze. I look at the pressure to look ‘natural’ in the beauty industry while upholding extreme Western beauty standards, diet culture and the paradox of fetishisation of women indulging in food, as well as the contortion and pain women go through to achieve the fertile and hyper-sexualised look projected by the male gaze.

Each look is presented as a product with matching packaging and branding to their individual themes, intended to be sold on an interactive website designed for users who engage in the application of makeup and also the non-users, men, that expect the use of it.

I form a physical visualisation of the internal struggles of appealing to the male gaze and unrealistic beauty standards embedded into makeup routines. The imagery and language validate how users feel about the weight of their makeup and also make them question who they are manipulating themselves and going through the pain for. Simultaneously making the non-users, men, question their expectations of beauty, as bystanders and therefore engaging in upholding the male gaze.

Instagram: @libxrty / @libxrtydesigns
Email: Libertyljls@gmail.comLibxrtydesigns@gmail.com


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