Sesame Love

Leeso Kweon

Our society is full of ‘hypersensitive’ and ‘offensive’ atmosphere.

The amount of hate between people is outrageous and is multiplied and spreading every day. Recognition of this led me to realize how precious warm interactions between people are to our society.

Seasoned sesame is a traditional Korean side dish normally eaten with rice. The seasoning makes the thin sesame sticks together which makes it hard to tear them out one by one. That is why in Korea, it is regarded as basic table manners to help each other who is struggling with sesame dishes.

Korean Traditional Table etiquette is based on ‘Confucian Values’ which is  common sense throughout Korean history. Having a meal together in Korea means not just sitting together and eating, but also sharing food and ‘Jeong’.

‘Jeong’ is a typical love that exists between random or distant people to share and care for each other without any expectations.

As a designer, I explored various methods to show and expand this act of love and care on tables. 

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