Kyeongjin Kim

I witnessed numerous instances where individuals took advantage of our beloved ones' delusions, leaving me feeling helpless and deeply setback. The feeling of helplessness has become a lasting trauma, etching painful memories that persist over time. Many individuals who have loved ones suffering from schizophrenia or delusions share the same pain as I do.

The purpose of this project is to provide a sense of liberation by offering an opportunity to accomplish what is impossible in real life but desired by caregivers. Through this project, we confront those who exploit and take advantage of our beloved ones. A life-sized construct enables a real person to step in and apprehend those exploitative individuals who target our friends. This symbolic collection embodies the ability to confront and metaphorically punish these exploiters, offering a form of catharsis.

Similar to the "empty chair technique," visually stimulating objects elicit proactive imagination, allowing individuals to engage in role-playing that was previously impossible in those difficult experiences. This empowers viewers to express themselves more actively using this medium and find liberation, redemption, and healing from the often overlooked psychological challenges of caregiving. By engaging with this project, caregivers, who often feel isolated from society, can find solace and liberation from the immense mental pain they endure.

Email: hakgyo2020@gmail.com


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