Moonlit Sink

Ke Bao

In this project, I explore how design can bridge the gap between the ordinary and the extraordinary. I aim to challenge grand narratives and manifest the sublime in everyday life, using real nature as a design material, not just a symbolic representation.

The project, situated at the intersection of public installation, furniture design, and social practice, seeks to create a dislocating yet contemplative experience. By reflecting moonlight without digital manipulation, the installation plays with effort and the tension between pursuit, anticipation, and waiting.

Using materials like metal, wood, and mirrors, the installation captures the essence of moonlight. It invites individuals and groups to participate, encouraging inclusivity and introspection. Drawing on the concepts of Sisyphean efforts and "Fishing for the moon in the water," the project questions the futility of certain endeavours.

This project not only aims to evoke poetic dislocation and contemplation in daily life but also to integrate nature into domestic contexts poetically, provoking thought and deepening our understanding of our place in the world.

As I embark on this journey, I continue to cultivate the courage to face challenges, navigate relationships, and seek a higher purpose. The moon symbolizes this heroism, inspiring me with its celestial beauty.

Instagram: @kebao_is_alive
Email: kebao4869@gmail.com


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