“Everywhere and Nowhere”

Kayla Russell

As a result of globalisation, the term "Third Culture Kid" was coined to describe the mixed identity children assume, influenced both by their parents’ cultures and the culture in which they were raised. We are the citizens of everywhere and nowhere. TCKs often struggle with cultural identity caused by exposure to many different cultures. There are coded designs for 40 different countries, inspired by existing traditional patterns or flags. Each coded pattern's colours are a blend of the country's flags combined into one creating a unique colour. This project creates a new visual identity for third culture kids allowing for each TCK to have their own personalised pattern tailored to their cultural experiences. This project also recognises one of the few reasons for TCKs to move around during their childhood, parents’ jobs that require relocating. The aim is to allow TCKs to visualise their cultural identity and create a sense of belonging through design. The pattern can be used in any way, on any object for whatever purpose a third-culture kid may want. Third culture kids are free to place their cultural identity on whatever they choose, allowing their visual representation of culture to be a part of their new homes.

Instagram: @kylarusel
Website: www.kylarusel.com
Email: kylarusel@gmail.com


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