Paper Not Polyester

Karen Tadrous

The fashion industry is encouraging disposability, with no regard to the destination of garments at the end of their life cycle. Often, this surplus material is neglected in landfills, while the industry giants continue to promote and urge consumers to dispose of their inexpensive garments at an accelerated pace. It becomes effortless to be wasteful with materials when individuals are disconnected from the journey their clothes undertake to be created.

I place materials at the forefront of this issue, recognizing that utilizing what we already have can make a significant difference. This collection of garments is crafted from materials that were plenteously available to me: discarded paper, fabric offcuts from fellow designers at Goldsmiths, nettles from London, and papyrus from Cairo. Through this approach, I am exploring sustainable practices by using waste, plants that grow in abundance, and ancient traditional crafts.

‘Paper Not Polyester’ enabled me to gain insights into the fashion system through the craft of papermaking, which shares many similarities with the processes that are essential to garment making. By fostering approaches of craft and care within an industry that harms our planet, we can create a framework for a revolutionized fashion system.

Instagram: @karentadrous
Email: karen.tadrous@gmail.com


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