Luxury Medical System?

Kainuo Huang

With the improvement of people's economic level in modern life, luxury design and luxury goods have become common. Luxury design is a blind, excessive design based on the purpose of profit, regardless of cost. Luxury brands often appear in high prices for daily necessities and expensive products with little use. Today, when green design and simple design are advocated, luxury design is undoubtedly against sustainable development. Excessive luxury design wastes a lot of resources and is not conducive to the future development of human beings. When this phenomenon of excessive luxury continues to spread in life, everything is in pursuit of the transformation of luxury, then the world will become extremely wasteful. When I think about this world, the irony of it all is that medicine has become too luxurious. I think if something as urgent and serious as saving people's lives becomes extravagant, it would be pushing the irony of excessive extravagance to the extreme. However, what I want to do is to present this extreme irony, so this is the theme of my project -- Luxury Medical System.


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