Tfl Jam Cam Jammin'

Josselin Demelier

The Tfl Jam Cams are an array of about 200 public access CCTV cameras located across the entirety of London. The purpose of the Jam Cams in 2016, when it was first available, was to allow road users and app developers to obtain live updates on traffic conditions. The TfL Jam Cams are seen more as novelties today, perhaps you may stumble upon the website, watch a few videos out of curiosity, and never look back. The Jam Cams are often glanced over despite their unique view of the entire city.

200 mechanical eyes see everything unfolding each day. Everything that we romanticize and fear about the city is seen on a daily basis by these Jam Cams. The Jams Cams are one of our greatest attempts at documenting the human condition within the city, yet we know so little about them. The purpose of this project is to understand the Jam Cams, what they have seen, what stories they can tell us, and how we can use them to break down expectations of behavior in the city by stepping on stage in front of the Jam Cams and waving back.

Instagram: @LDN_NX
Email: demelierjojo@gmail.com

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