Who Is John Galt?

Joshua Haswell

‘Who is John Galt?’ aims to engage an inquiry into the state of the current economic systems and the subsequent world we live in through the perspective of Acid Communism: theories on how the future has been cancelled as we are unable to imagine anything other than the present.

To invent the future, to escape our myopia, we must go beyond the current bounds of our imagination.

Influenced by the works of philosopher Ayn Rand, her theory of Objectivism and Mark Fishers’ theories of Hauntology. A collection of psychedelic anaglyph prints and videos come together with reference to the personal, social, and political to create an immersive experience that helps to understand and negotiate my place and relationship within the world.

Combining the theoretical works of nostalgia from Hauntology with the key concepts from Dada and Assemblage art styles, a work of nostalgic montaging, taking popular culture from the past and presenting it again as ‘new’ is how I have designed ways to help take my nihilistic views into the ‘cancelled future’ with a newfound optimistic outlook.

Instagram: @a_jh_design
Email: joshua.haswell11@gmail.com


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