Jihun Lee

In phenomenology, the world is perceived through personal behaviours and experiences, which is abundant, colourful and accurate, rather than objective theory or explanation.

Tea is not simply just for drinking. The process of drinking tea accompanies a series of behaviours and experiences such as brewing, removing the tea bag, seeing the colour change of the water, smelling, and tasting, which stimulates our various sensory organs.

There are five types of tea with different colours, each type communicates ten different stories regarding the issue from its origin that we are indifferent and unaware of. While brewing the tea bag, audiences are encouraged to read the story written on the tea tags, and it completes the meaning of each story by changing its colour. Audiences will visually experience the issues, and the following behaviours that stimulate our various senses become the personal experience which evokes personal meanings and further thoughts about the issues.

To sum up, this project would offer the audiences an opportunity that allows them to contemplate and perceive the outer world in a more abundant and colourful manner through their everyday practice, rather than receiving static information or explanation. This set of tea serves as a medium that connects the audiences with the world, not just as tea.

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