Shao Grove

Jiachen Shao

Date: 06/05/2023

Dear readers,

I am writing to inform you this place is gonna be formally taken over by Shao Grove and become a part of its territory, the final implementation date will be  __________

I am Shao, a migrant justice designer. I hope to work towards an alternative vision by creating a tongue of my own, my nation — Shao Grove.

Shao Grove is a space where the general public and artists can meet and build a language of representation. With a decolonial approach to event-making, this space aims to strengthen bonds, and transcultural ties, solidify identities, and explore new ones.

Aspects of representation, nationhood, cultural, and social identity will be explored and brought to new light through artist-led workshops and performances running throughout the takeover.

During the upcoming event, I will be doing things including and not limited to speaking out loud, dancing, rubbing patterns on the ground onto my flag, spraying non-toxic and non-permanent spray paint on the ground to leave my mark, and talking to people in a friendly manner. The whole thing may be accompanied by audio and video recordings, so if you mind, please take a detour. If you have any questions you can reach me at email address shaogrove@gmail.com.

Yours sincerely,

Instagram: @shao.jiachen
Website: jiachenshao.cargo.site
Email: clementshao0202@gmail.com


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