Through the Digital Looking Glass: A Visual Exploration of Privacy and Content

Janvi Jain

Look Through the Digital Looking Glass, where art meets technology to unravel the complexities of our digital lives. Immerse yourself in a thought-provoking exhibition that delves into the delicate balance between data privacy and the overwhelming influx of digital content. Through captivating audio-visual clips, this exhibition invites you to reflect on the profound impact of technology on our lives, from the intricate nuances of privacy to the ever-expanding landscape of information overload.

Embark on a visual journey that challenges your perception and invites you to question the consequences of our interconnected digital existence. Delve into the complexities of data privacy laws, unravel the myth of content control, and confront the staggering amount of information we unknowingly consume everyday.

Engage with thought-provoking narratives that explore age-appropriate privacy consent for children and the consequences of a content-saturated existence. Discover how our digital choices shape our privacy and well-being through the narratives that weave together the themes of privacy, consent, content curation, and the power of choice. "Through the Digital Looking Glass" offers a unique opportunity to explore the hidden dimensions of our digital world and emerge with a renewed awareness of the importance of safeguarding our privacy while navigating the vast digital realm.


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