Spice Route

Janine Mody

My project was shaped to be a spice package design that could be used for travellers or people who are migrating. The design of the package was made in such a way that it was not only used to store something that could withstand travel but also could be used once they reach their new place. When designing my outcome I kept the feeling of integration in mind, I designed it such that an individual would be able to travel with their spices from home but also the packaging has some fillable spaces for them to adopt and collect new spices from their new place that they were moving into. The concept of replicating feelings of home but also integration within a new community was the basis of my research which followed through to my outcome. This was done so that they could feel more integrated into their new community by adopting certain flavours of their cultures. This would in turn help migrants feel more connected to their new community while still holding onto traditions from their own cultures.

The idea of leaving empty spaces within the design of the packaging led me to the idea of integration via spices, adopting new spices from new communities to add to their daily rituals. When looking at the spices an individual carries along with them, I wanted it to read as a journey of the person’s life, their travels and cultures that have inspired them and integrated into their lives.


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