James King

Mycorrhiza is a project centred around the more-than-human practice that aims to explore fungus’s abilities to utilise our unwanted literature. I have begun the project by delving into mycological research and the practice of growing mushrooms at home and using this knowledge to reform our relationship with our daily wasted matter. What was a material-based project, has warped into a communicational/ exploratory project around the teaching mushrooms can show us and observing their agency to create unique mycelium forms and spore prints. I explored a variety of different forms of ‘dead’ literature and through this circular and sacrificial act, I want to observe the mushrooms design process and its outcomes rather than viewing them as a tool. The outcome of the project resulted in a collection of dead literature sculptures objects and spore prints. My interaction with Oxfam books resulted in me considering the ethical disposal of printed matter within our society. This resulted in another outcome where I imagined a book graveyard, burying a book within St Andrews and conceptualising a design system where books are buried which created an educational environment and a place for environmental regeneration. The project hopes to illustrate themes of environmentalism, multispecies design, limitations within our culture, education and hopes for a fungus-human partnership.

Website: https://mycorrhizadeadliterature.cargo.site/


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