“Stimulating Conversations”

Isla Burnett

Stimulating Conversations is a series of workshops designed to break the stigmas and taboos around sex, intimacy and relationships, as well as share insight into the pornographic industry. Through researching and understanding how space, speech and stimuli affect one's level of vulnerability, ‘Stimulating Conversations’ was designed meticulously to encourage organic, transparent and productive conversation. These workshops were inspired by early-age porn exposure. After studying the effects of such exposure and understanding their consequences, my goal was to educate and comfort my community.

Having conversations about sex, intimacy and relationships is not easy. Thus, the “stimulating” part of the conversations was born. This project consists of four objects, intended to gently encourage conversations around these taboo and stigmatised topics. With these objects, users can explore the boundaries of their comfort and exploration through the means of touch and familiarity.

Instagram: @isla.burnett
Email: islacburnett@gmail.com


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