Live, laugh, love Forks Aren't Enough

Isabelle Van Zijl

Quotes are an immaterial collection that I have been gathering for a number of years. It began as a way to collect the funny and idiotic things my family says and later expanded into numerous other categories. I am still collecting to this day.

These everyday objects are seemingly disparate, an accidental collection of everyday items - a collection of objects which are deeply personal to me, and linked together by a lone line of text, though each is different. These lines each come from a cherished quote, compiled along with many others in the accompanying publication.

This design is a process, which I am always seeking to improve and give to others. It is not only my quotes and memories that should be captured in this way, but others’ as well. The objects are designed to inspire memory of the quote, through deeply considered physical forms. This is not a grand announcement of memory held in an object, but aims to get people to connect more with others, and allows them to have physical, material objects as reminders of such moments. It takes ephemeral moments marked by these quotes and cherishes them in the physical form.

Website: https://izzyvanzijl.cargo.site/
Email: isabellevanzijl@gmail.com


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