The Nature of the Blue

Isa Rios Martinez

Water is constantly moving without stopping the form and is beautiful to see how it can be when looked at in the right context.  To see beyond what we know, to see from a position of astonishment.

In this project, I not only explain the relationship between nature and ourselves and the importance of designing spaces that help improve mental well-being but also analyze the effect that the design of blue spaces, both virtual and physical, can have on people's well-being, because as Judith Heerwagen says:

“If there is an evolutionary basis for biophilia, then contact with nature is a basic human need: not a cultural amenity, not an individual preference, but a universal primary need. Just as we need healthy food and regular exercise to flourish, we need ongoing connections with the natural world.”

My project aims to create an immersive experience that demonstrates the importance of incorporating blue elements in workplaces to promote relaxation and reduce stress. The experience begins as soon as someone enters the corridor, where they are greeted by walls decorated with elements that resemble the sea. The design is intended to be immersive and engaging, utilizing lights, reflections, and sound to create a soothing atmosphere. The goal of the experience is to help individuals understand the role of nature in promoting psychological well-being and to encourage the use of blue elements in workplace design to help people feel more relaxed through the use of thoughtful and intentional design elements.

Instagram: @riosisa11
Email: isabelrios1617@gmail.com


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