Connecting in our escapes

Iman Amjid

My project is all about approaching communities with creativity to strengthen their bonds with each other. I focused on using escapes for this, so my pieces are inspired by the escapes I collected from lots of different people and then I translated them into 3D immersive pieces. Instead of approaching a community highlighting an issue, I wanted to provide a space with my pieces that could facilitate conversation about why they have to escape in the first place, and what their ideal escape reflects about them. The aim is that this will deepen a communities understanding of each other as individuals, to learn more about what troubles them and how they could support each other. I may not be able to solve anyone's problems with my project, but I may be able to help give people a voice and a space to express it.

I hope to show that we can still use creative and surreal methods whilst helping and giving back to our communities. I used to battle between my love for aesthetically pleasing art and also the need to make my work address a real-life issue, so this project for me was a way to combine the two.

Instagram: @iman_amjid
Email: imoamjid@gmail.com


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