Han Bao

This project explores death and funerals from a fresh perspective, with the aim of personalizing values and beliefs. My inspiration comes from my personal experience of attending the Buddhist funeral of my grandmother. I hate that sad vibe but no one taught me how to deal with it. It effectively navigates the complex realm of funerals, addressing the general feeling of fear and overwhelm associated with the subject. The project emphasizes the importance of individualized funeral arrangements and increases sensitivity in end-of-life planning. Its intended audience includes individuals looking for guidance and support in personalizing their funeral arrangements, as well as those helping loved ones making meaningful choices. The project's potential impact is transformative because of its ability to establish new cultural norms by encouraging the expression of unique personalities and values in funerals. It fosters open discussion about death, encourages arrangements with personal meaning, and fosters empathy among participants. By challenging traditional norms, the project promotes the acceptance of diverse funeral practices and contributes to a more individualized approach to dying in different cultural and social contexts. We respect different cultures and everyone's choices. I am just a medium to tell everyone that we can do this. It's not that we can't be sad, we just found a more positive attitude to face this matter.

Email: 10han16ragdoll@gmail.com


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