Ripe For Revival. The second life of the discarded

Gruffudd Drury

Producing vegan, compostable product samples using by-products from household food norms, to create a new biomaterial for use in products that are non-impactful and, after intermediate use, can be returned to a natural cycle.

The aim is to construct the gap between existing use and disposal, to confront our long-learned attitudes toward materiality and waste.

The material, derived from combinations of waste from banana, sugar, and coffee consumption, was developed through research and trials, including moulding tests, and stands in opposition to the growing idea that solutions to the complex climate issue must reside in complex technological solutions.

Exploring within the broad context of the damaging nature of the construction industry, items of a display nature for use in formal exhibiting are produced to raise awareness of the wasteful nature of construction within the creative industries.

This project accompanies the beginnings of an open-source vision for sharing data on combining the things we all use and discard, to construct what we need.

To remind us that industries exist only where there is demand, that our damaging ways need not continue, and that with the sharing of knowledge and understanding, we can change the status quo.

Website: GruffDrury.website
Email: gruffdrury@icloud.com


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