Ornaments of Obsolescence

Gerick King

This project looks at waste as a feature rather than a flaw of contemporary consumer society, arguing for an acceptance of waste rather than a rejection of it. Like accepting the imperfections of a person whom one loves, it is about coming to terms with the chaos found in the situation one is caught in. The chaos of waste ought to be framed and viewed from a position which allows one to confront it to a manageable degree; this is achieved through ornamentation, which Michael Mostoller defines as the first manifestation of human activity that ‘aspires an object into language’ – as a primary expression of possession.

Ornaments of Obsolescence reinterprets plastic waste as a source of beauty through the process of the cyanotype – a photographic printing formulation sensitive to light. Traces of waste objects are rendered into ornamental tiles framed within a dado (the lower section of a wall) to reify and ‘re-posses’ waste from the chaotic sublime into an atmosphere or ambience which seeks to evoke the truth of the persistence of waste and its power to shape the world today. Ornaments of Obsolescence proposes that to fully own the issue of waste, we must first be able to dwell in it.

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Email: gerickking@gmail.com


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